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  • Type              Public Park
  • Location       Marseille
  • Value             -
  • Year               2016

L'Imaginaire Collectif De Marseille (The Collective Imagination Of Marseille)

'L'Imaginaire Collectif De Marseille' explores the possibility of a new marketplace against the backdrop of a central and unofficial district which typifies the perception of the city it is located in.

The project proposes the re-imaging of the Noailles district. Nicknamed “Le Ventre De Marseille” (“The Belly of Marseille”) for its embodiment of the cities national perception and similarity to a stomach squeezing the cities contents through itself – a large market and meeting place where the Marseillais/e business is conducted. The proposal comprises a sequence of retractable market stalls, cinemas and public service structures that respond to the shifting uses of the district. Designed as a system of architectural elements working in harmony rather than a holistic structure, the scheme uses the collective imagination of Marseille as seen through French cinema as a resource to enhance and magnify the image of the city.

Cinema is used to explore the long-established French love affair with film as a means of self-expression. By distilling and dissecting these films using hyper-accurate digital softwares and programming, the proposal re-combines their raw data of sound, movement and colour as a set of new cinematically inspired structures with the aim of creating an enhanced identity for Marseille that can help to foster an appreciation of the unique qualities of the city in its residents.

By using cinema to polarize the perception of Marseille it is hoped that some of the challenges posed by the cities negative image can be mitigated and its residents can feel a closer affinity with their greatest natural resource, their identity. Music: OK Ikumi

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