• Type              Masterplan
  • Location       Stockholm
  • Value             -
  • Year               2017


The city of Stockholm is in the grip of an immense housing crisis, engendered by a pioneering egalitarian housing system, designed to provide housing for all, irregardless of wealth, has been diluted by austerity and conservative governments. Now Sweden’s unique social housing model has become a twenty year waiting list for inner city homes. Stockholmers are turning to the black market for housing, where a series of sub-rental agreements are sold for anything between a day to a couple of years. A new social hierarchy has emerged that Stockholm is struggling to embrace, based not on where one is able to live, but rather how long they can live there for.

A video game, reimagines Stockholm's Slussen district, as a layered system of interactive time based buildings and infrastructure to encourage Swedish players to collaboratively change the way they build and use the architecture of their capital city and solve the housing crisis by embracing this new time based social system. The game uses a collection of architectural levels tailored to each time period, that teach players about the rules associated with this new socially cohesive time based society.