• Type              Pavillion
  • Location       London
  • Value             £15,000
  • Year               2018
  • Team             Elena Buffa & Thomas Savage


Together with the Grand Junction Canal and the associated routes to the Midlands and north, the Regent’s Canal carried huge quantities of timber, coal and building materials. By 1960 the canal had lost most of its traffic to the railways and lorry network but only 9 years later the British Waterways Board allowed underground electricity cables to be laid in a trough below the towpath. Pumped canal water is used to cool these high voltage cables, which now form part of the National Grid.

The Floating Battery is seen as the next iteration of this versatile energy network while paying homage to both the coal and electrical energies that ran up and down the canal. The recycled foam bricks reference the coal fired power stations and building materials transported on the waterways, seemingly deteriorating to give way to a steel structure beneath that references electrical substations. This steel structure provides support to 6 bicycles that when pedalled by members of the public pump electricity to 2 high capacity batteries stored in either end of the hull.

A water borne battery made out of recycled materials, generating sustainable kinetic energy to Hoxton Docks.

The Floating Battery_03.jpg