• Type              Monument
  • Location       Nottingham
  • Value             £20,000
  • Year               2018


World War 1 is famous for its brutality, made possible by the first major uses of high intensity explosives. An uncountable number of people died from bombs, shells and grenades in battlefields all over Europe on a scale the world had never seen before.

The major lasting remnant of this new sudden and violent death is the scarring left to our landscape. Now overgrown and sanded down with plant-life, were once jagged shards of upturned earth and rubble. These shards of upturned earth and rubble are abstracted here to become memorial plaques, becoming a sharp and powerful reminder of the birth of a new kind of war and the people who gave their lives in its cause.

Each shard holds the names of 1000 causalities, each with a small hole for a remembrance poppy to be inserted. By placing a poppy next to a loved ones name visitors recreate the act of replanting the scarred earth created by this war.


Bomb Image.jpg